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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 30, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> when asked if the president was involved in a coverup, ryan said, i will let others decide
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that. >> obviously, democrats will respond. have they this morning? >> that's right. they are appearing on the sunday talk shows. responding to, according to the intelligence information, they responded to that intelligence information, as they received it. this was a confused situation, this attack on the consulate in benghazi. and it wasn't always clear that this was a terrorist atank. >> this was an event, obviously, a complex event, we are only talking a matter of weeks here. so it's information was... arrived at, and determinations were made. that was shared with the american people. the focus needs to be how do we make sure that our facilities and ambassadors and personnel are secure, going forward? >> obama campaign adviser david axelrod said, we don't need a president who shoots first and aims later. >> steve centanni, strong words on the show this is morning. >> reporter: you bet. >> eric: how will the handling
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of the attack effect the race for the white house? 43% of likely voters disapprove of the president's handling of the situation so far and 39% approve. will this put new focus on the foreign policy of the administration. >> brad and joe, good to see you here. >> good to be with you, eric. >> eric: brad, how do you think this will play into the campaign? >> i think, eric, it gets stranger and stranger each day. lives are being exposed. coverups are being exposed and frankly, it's clear to me that this didn't fit the political narrative that the white house wanted to have the american people believe. that is that osama bin laden is dead and al qaeda has been destroyed. osama may be dead, errickic, but al qaeda is killing american personnel and destroying american property. there is a heck of a lot of answers that have to be
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forthcoming, like why hasn't the fbi been able to get in there. how is it that cnn can contaminate a crime scene and take crucial evidence? the fact that an fbi agent can't be in there yet is a crime in and of itself. this administration has a lot to answer for. they want the foreign policy to be the election policy and now it's front and center. >> eric: is the administration lying? is there a coverup? >> no, i don't think they are lying at all. i think their response is less than commanding. the first information you get from a crisis overseas is imperfect, wrong or it will change or a few days. it is not a question, that there were late to rolls release on friday afternoon, an update that, yes, this was a planned attack. but the defining issue is here the security of the compound. we know that the british ambassador, the united nations office and the red cross office
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in benghazi had been attacked recently, prior to the attack and the murder of our wonderful ambassador there. but the equivalent what have it costs to keep one member in afghanistan half a year is the protection we gave the consulate. who is to blame? i think the administration needs to take on board we are not protecting our warriors and our state department. but congress, since 2010, has cut our security funding for our emr embassies by 10 pmpls eric, you have had a lot of debates about cutting the military by sequester over 10 years, five time its longer, the 10% cut in the budget for security overseas is a responsibility of both ends of 1600. >> eric: admiral, are you saying that ambassador stevens and the others were killed because of the security at the compound? >> i think you have to say there is a direct link. but when you are cutting the security, why whereelse aren't
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we able to fund the measures? but, no. ic another legitimate issue is, how much has al qaeda become innerwoven within the hour of spring? this is a legitimate issue for both candidates. have that changed and attacking us here on the homeland toet if our consulates overseas? if so, how much has congress and the united states administration come together to fund adequately all of our worries and state departments throughout the global environment of the world? >> brad, if there was the shift by al qaeda, should the administration have come out with what they said that it was a dopey movie? >> eric tfit their narrative at the time. they wanted the world to believe and americans to believe that the youtube video was the causation for the attack in libya. we know that that is false. what is worse, and the admiral is right, al qaeda is interwoven throughout the arab spring in numerous countries. but what did our president do?
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he didn't stand up to our enemy. he apologized and gave them the excuse they needed to step up williams, by -- violence by giving credence to the youtube video, which was want the causation of the arab attack. the president spread unrest throughout americans, instead of being a leader and standing up to it. >> if i being, i didn't say they are, i said, are they? what's the probability? how much are they? are they not? that's a legitimate issue for us to have the president, as well as his opponent try to raise as an issue -- >> admiral, by the administration, admiral, by the administration giving credence to the youtube video, instead of standing up against a terrorist attack, i believe, and others believe that that was the causation for the violence that we saw spread through dozens of countries, not only in the middle-east, but beyond. >> i think that's quite a stretch with all due respect. the president, the day after said, this was an act of terror. i do agree that they stressed
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certain points, more than others, but i think there is a legitimate argument on both sides of we better address this as we go forward, rather than just condemning each other. >> eric: does this have legs? look what happened in 1979. 52 americans held hostage, basically cost jimmy carter the election. let's take a look at the gallup tracking poll. november, '79, carter was 38% at the end of the month, pob%, november, he plummeted to 31%. brad, we have an ambassador murdered, three americans killed. how would this impact, finally, do you think the campaign? will it have the lasting impact of the hostage crisis? >> certainly, this election first and foremost will turn on the disastrous performance on the economy. having said that, the president's strong point against mitt romney was foreign policy. i think we have seen that argument unravel that this president has been asleep at the switch. he has been incompetent and lied to the american people. he has let others lie.
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the president had superior knowledge and permitted his subordinates to make false statements. so i think foreign policy will be a key factor because it's the last debate before the election day. >> joe, last word? >> i think he makes a good point. i think the issue will turn on national security begins at home, our economy and job creation. 4 million jobs created after the first year of the obama administration, legitimate issue to say he is making progress. on foreign policy, i think it should be an issue of what we just discussed. but i think it will be laid in the context of the president not only having stopped the war in iraq, gone and violated pakistani air space, which wasn't done before, and getting al qaeda in pakistan, that's bin laden and putting it in the context of 12 embassies attacked in the 8 years of the bush administration and losing a u.s. diplomat in pakistan and our president recognizing that we have to shift our focus, not just in the global war on
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terror, but to dhiena. i think this may take a bit of luster off, but overall, i think it's quite a good step that he has taken for america, securing our peace and prosperity. >> eric: that's the final word. >> thank you for having me. >> eric: thank you both. >> jamie: major development in the showdown over iran's nuclear program. the economic sanctions are stinging hard with the israeli finance minister, saying iran's economy is paying a heavy price for nuclear activity, edging on collapse, he said. so diplomacy is taking center stage at the u.n. general assembly. the prime minister warning the world that iran must be given a red line, according to benben. if you missed this, here it is.
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>> where should a red line be drawn? a red line should be drawn right here. before -- before iran completes the second stage of nuclear enrichment. >> jamie: but for all the sanctions and all the warnings, all these years, simple truths remain that the centrifuge in iran keep spinning and iran gets closer to possibly building the most powerful weapon we have ever seen on earth. where do we go from here? more on this with the former israeli ambassador to the united nations and a fox news contributor, ambassador, thank you very much for coming in. i know how passionate you are on about this top i think. when i hear the israeli finance minister say that iran is on the edge of collapse because of the sanctions, i think to myself: the people of iran, who may not be to blame for the fact that iran's leaders want potentially
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a new clear bomb, they will really suffer. could we see an uprising in iran like in other countries? >> i believe we could. i believe that iran is ripe for a grassroots revolution. the only problem is, do we is have time? first of all, there was an uprising in 2009. this administration and president obama did not stand by the people -- >> jamie: why that was? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. there is no way i can explain why when it happens to this fundamentalist extremist, lunatic regime on the quest for nuclear weapons that the president steps aside. when it happens in libya, he steps in. i have no idea why he... interfered in egypt and not in iran. i think had the president and the international community acted differently, in '09, we may have had a different regime in iran. but i believe there could be a grassroots revolution. there are many young people in iran who hate the ayatollahs and
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the big question is, do we have time? and the answer is no. as the prime minister illustrated, so graphically and so seriously, at the u.n., time is running out. >> jamie: if the sanctions are taking their toll and iran is want responding in the way that we need it to, what sanctions are left? >> there are still sanctions left. but i really don't think, and again, it's a matter of time, that sanctions will have the effect because this is a regime which is intent on becoming nuclear. we have seen north korea, probably one of the poorest countries in the world. people are starving to death. yet, they went nuclear. iran has a quiet -- has acquired nuclear weapons, not the way north korea has. north korea has acquired nuclear weapons out of desperation. iran is seeking them out of aspiration to rule the muslim and the arab world. they will not give up unless they are made to understand that if they continue in this quest,
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they will pay a very high price and not just diplomatally, but millitarily. this is why the prime minister has drawn that line. i hope that the president will understand this, especially in view of what you have just shown. and the whole region, you know, up in flames. we are a villa in the jungle. israel is your only ally in the region, your only friend in the region, the only country you can always depend on. so therefore, listen very careful to what the president of iran says and take it very seriously and listen very careful three benjamin netanyahu and take it seriously. >> jamie: so you think that was very effective with the prime minister? >> i thought it was very effective. vinever seen him so worried, so preoccupied, so serious about a subject. he live this is every day. he thinks of it every night. it is something that he feels
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is... really -- you know, as i said, i mean, this is not the reality show. this is reality. this is not even survivor where you chuck machine off the island -- >> jamie: no, it's a harsh reality. >> this is the jewish state and civilization as we know it. >> jamie: it is not just about iran wanting nuclear weapons. north korea and other countries have them. it sounds like iran's intention is not just to have them but to use them. >> this is the point. >> all i am asking is for the president and the international community and world leaders to listen to ahmadinejad and take him at face value. and take him seriously. you know, we, the jewish people and the world have paid a very high price, less than 70 years ago, by dismissing the words of another tyrant as just talk. eventually, millions and mem millions of people died. had the red line been drawn in the 30s, maybe we could have
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avoided world war ii. if a red line is drawn now. we could avoid nuclear iran, which will be a horrible, ugly, dangerous world that none of us wants to live in. >> jamie: my view is not just to the jewish people. there are a lot of people in the path of those nuclear weapons that could be killed. i mean, it's important for israel, no doubt about it. but we just don't want to thereto happen. my question is, with respect to the people in israel and certainly if you spent that much time with the prime minister, you probably know how he feels. president obama had time for certain things when he was here, certain things he didn't. including the meeting that the prime minister wanted to have. he was willing to fly to washington to have it. president obama had tv appearances and such. i think folks are aware what have i am talking b. how do the people of israel feel about the fact that the prime minister didn't get the face time with president obama? >> the people of israel are worried and they are upset. not just because the meeting
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didn't take place but because there is a feeling, as i said that the very central role of israel, as an ally, as a partner, as a friend, is not fully appreciated. i know the president is very busy. i know he is on a campaign. but i do believe that a meeting between the president of the united states and the prime minister of israel at this moment in time is crucial because they have to look each other in the eye. they have to tell each other the truth. and they have to embark together on this very, very important mission of preventing iran from become nuclear. and i hope very much that the talk they had on the phone has maybe, you know, quieted the flames and maybe put the relationship back on track because neither the united states nor israel can afford to take this lightly. as you said, iran is not just a threat to israel, iran is a threat to the whole world and civilization as we know it. you, eric, i, and nobody in this
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world wants to live in a world with a nuclear iran. it leisure a horrible, ugly, dangerous world, which will change the rules of the game special make it very, very ugly. >> very dangerous, understood. iran has been clear about their feelings for israel and what they would like to see happen. ambassador gillerman, thank you for taking time for us and bringing us your thoughts? >> ambassador, good to see you. >> jamie: happy new year. >> happy new year. >> eric: talking about global issues and taxes. it's been a big issue in the campaign. but a u.n. plan to try to impose new global taxes on all of us? it's a fox news exclusive. how it will work -- is it fair? we will ask a former spokesman to four united nations ambassadors next. >> jamie: there are more americans with student loan debt than ever before. coming up what you need to know to avoid serious financial
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>> jamie: it is one big ouch. the amount of student debt plaguing u.s. households reeving a record high. according to the associated press, students with public school loans are defaulting at a rate of 8.3%, that number has increased over year over the last five years. another study finds that in 2010, at least one in five u.s. households has student debt. how do we escape it? i wanted to tell how to you manage the growing burden of paying for school. we have the founder of powell financial group. she helps us pay back our bills. patricia, this is a huge problem in our country. i want to give folks creative tools to put it behind them. what do you have? >> well, first of all, you know, it depends where you are in the
8:23 am
cycle. if you are paying down, it's different than if you are starting to accumulate the debt. if you are accumulating the debt, there are a lot of things you can do. number 1, try to minimize the amount that you are borrowing. a lot of students are not aware of the fact that there is a lot of scholarships out there, after you are in school. they don't look back at your high school years. they are looking at your college years. so every student, should be going to the college or university foundation and look at the foundation to have opportunities to minimize the debt. sometimes, they are for somebody of a specific heritage or a specific major. sometimes it's somebody with a specific hobby. there are all kinds of quirky ones, but if you don't apply, you don't get them. >> jamie: let me commend ow that one. i never would have thought of going to the financial aid officism not the financial aid office, the foundation. look for the college or university foundation. not when you are a freshman, as
8:24 am
a sophomore, junior, senior. some don't take effect until you are a sophomore, junior or senior. minimize your debt. >> jamie: repaying? >> repaying? here's manage more trickier. there are five repayment options. i will go through two. one is standard. that's a 10-year program, where they amortize your debt over 10 years and done. but the one that everybody's focused on is the income-based plan. this is in the state of flux. it's an election year. congress has already authorized some changes here. and the changes are that you would be paying -- they don't take effect for probably a month or two, but you would be paying 10% your discretionary income. that's income after taxes and living expenses. so discretionary -- 10% of discretionary income and they cap it at 20 years. so if you are not done in 20 years, it's over. >> jamie: let me see if i can
8:25 am
simplify. if you owe monoa student loan, you may be able to renegotiate the terms, based on your discretionary income. where do you go to do that? >> that will be automatic. but when you go for the repayment term, guback to your lender and you say, this is the plan that i want to take. but bear in mind, it will vary, ev income goes up, so your payments will go up. >> jamie: i am sure people don't want to bail on their loans and want to make that effort. trapa tricia, you gave them good tips today. appreciate it so much. so worth the cost of an education. >> absolutely. >> jamie: for more ow hohow can you can take charge on a number of issues, go to and click on the bottom of the main page, america's news hq and then look for my link there. tell say take charge, consumer protection segments. you can see a bunch of them there. i hope we help you out. >> eric: jamie, when we first brought you their story, they were just embarking on their
8:26 am
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>> eric: here's some of the stories making headlines that the hour. there has been another insider attack in afghanistan. a suspected member of the afghan security forces killing one of our u.s. service members and an american civilian contractor. this happened in a checkpoint in the eastern part of that country. a small earthquake hitting a suburban area west of dallas, measuring 3.4 and lasting several seconds. no reports of damage or any injuries. the u.s. trade with china, heating up. president obama invoking
8:31 am
national security concerns as blocking a nicheese company from buying four wind farms in oregon. >> jamie: 'tis the season. an earthquake and raining and flooding on the roads in texas. forcing hundreds to evacuate their homes. maria molina is live in the extreme weather center. it sounded like hail, maria. what can we expect today? >> more heavy rain, unfortunately. we have picked up over 6 inches of rain in portions of louisiana and eastern parts of texas, flashflooding reported and the images of the flooding ongoing across texas. today, the storm is slightly further to the east. we are talking about places in mississippi dealing with the heavy rain and parts of new orleans and northern louisiana. this is where we are talking about potentially flooding with 1 to 3 everyones of rainfall,
8:32 am
locally, between 4 to 5 inches of rain. so flooding a big concern and the advisories near effect for at least today, as the storm will be a slow mover. aside from the flooding, have you the risk of severe weather and mainly in the form of damaging wind gusts in parts of southeastern louisiana and southern mississippi and also southwestern parts of the state of albottommasm so again, looking for thunderstorms that are going to be producing a lot of heavy rain and even the risk of severe weather in the form of damaging winds and an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. texas, you are drawing out. that's good news. you can see the yellow and orange shading in louisiana and mississippi and that storm will eventually head north eastward into the mid-atlantic and northeast. but today, clearing out, jamie, it will be a beautiful day in new york city with sunshine and very fall-like temperatures. >> our lucky day. thanks, maria.
8:33 am
>> eric: you know that contentious battle in massachusetts? elizabeth warren is trying to unseat senator scott brown. so, how has the media been covering this race? liz trotta with her commentary now. >> never a dull moment at harvard. two weeks ago, a divinity school professor announced she might have evidence that jesus christ had a wife. last week, a law professor who happens to be running for national office, was still defending her american indian ancestry. in fact, the liberal professor, elizabeth warren, has been talking about this since last spring, when the issue came up during her campaign to unseat senator scott brown, a republican. miss warren is a star in the democratic universe, a new and improved hillary clinton. perhaps even a presidential candidate, they say. she spent time as an adviser to
8:34 am
president obam abut as the story goes, the republicans and even perhaps a few democrats ran her out of town. senator brown, if you haven't been paying attention, won his traditionally democratic seat in a special election after the death of senator ted kennedy, a tipoff to the white house that trouble lurk in the land of hope and change. so this is an extremely critical election for both parties as they fight to control the u.s. senate. it is a wonder that senator brown won an election in the people's republic of massachusetts t. might even take a miracle for him to hold his job in a state where democrats outnumber republicans 3 to 1. both candidates have gone down the campaign cherk list on the issues, a little foreign affair, a little economic hand wringing and more recently, professor warren has been accused of representing corporate interests out of her office in cambridge without a license to practice law in massachusetts.
8:35 am
a tedious debate among the local experts in both campaigns on this point. nevertheless, the gut issue continues to be her native american roots. a claim she made in law faculty journals before harvard hired hn her in 1995. offering no evidence, other than family lore, miss warren claims she is 1/32 indian, and harvard insists she was not hired for her multi-cultural glamour. there is evidence suggest that this diversityites regarded her as an exotic find. as for proof, none has surfaced and the new england geneiological society has announced there is no trace of cherokee blood. native americans have weighed in with both scorn and praise, often depending on their politics. overall, there is a sense of ennui. they have seen this act before.
8:36 am
jim leplant, the great-grand nephew of crazy horse, remarked slyly, i would like to hear her speak her native language. karen jeron no, husband of the great-grandson of the iconic apache chief wants a blood sample so dna can be tested. the issue has not always gone well for senator brown. a viral video of his followers chanting war hoops and indicating tomahawk chops enflamed more than one tribe. cherokee nation bill john baker demanded an apology for his, quote, uneducated, unenlightened and racist portrayal of native peoples. seampt brown stubbed his toe on the issue in the first debate, saying that professor warren claims she was a native american, a person of color. as you can see, she is not. the national center for american indians reacted furiously that
8:37 am
the senator would use skin color as a test for indian identity. perhaps the best summation was from ben nighthorse of the shiien tribe. he said, if have you nothing to do with indians at all, never expect try to get an unfair advantage, then i think there is an ethical question. >> jamie: growing allegations of voter fraud in the battleground state of florida. as pennsylvania waits for an imminent decision on the fate of voter i.d., the investigation in the sunshine state and a big ruling in the keystone state ahead in the fox news voter fraud unit? catching up with the warrior riders, hours away from an incredible nine-day, cross-country journey by bicycle. we'll have the latest. think you can't get great auto insurance coverage
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>> jamie: welcome back. a tsa agent busted for stealing from passengers, now speaking out. a worker at newark airport said he may have been one of the most prolific thieves at the tissue sa. he was arrested when he tried to sell a stolen camera on ebay. he estimates he stole more than $800,000 of stuff from unsuspecting partners. he said in the interview, he did it because he wasn't getting paid enough and wasn't being treated right by forler colleagues. >> it was so easy, i walked out of there one day with the videogame, the nintendo wie in my hand. nobody said anything. >> nobody said a word. >> you were lucking all of this stuff around. >> i had that and another bag. no questions. no questions at all. >> jamie: that's an excuse? he says the employee, he wasn't
8:43 am
the only one stealing that it was very commonplace. shame on you. >> eric: wow. >> jamie: eric. >> eric: now to the fox news voter fraud unit and the growing allegations of voter registration fraud in florida, where officials are calling for a statewide investigation, involving a company hired by the republican party to register republican voters. they say suspicious registrations have shown up in 10 counties. the sun sentinel newspaper says that the worker who questionable registrations in palm beach county said he did nothing wrong and may have been hoodwinked by people giving him false information as a joke. he even registered drunk people at bars to vote. meanwhile, there could be a decision on the pennsylvania controversial voter i.d. law. the judge expected to issue a final rule beige tuesday. will it stand in that crucial
8:44 am
state? with us is the deputy secretary of state of pennsylvania. what do you think will happen in this ruling? >> well, i think we will be victorious, eric. i sat through the two days of hearings last week. in fact, i was one of the witnesses for the state in this case. the case made by people who are trying to stop the voter i. d. law in pennsylvania was very, very weak. they had people who were, for example, testifying who were out of state, union workers who came into pennsylvania and allegedly went around and observed department of motor vehicle practices, not being followed, although they could produce no report. so they had people -- one of them was a person and they had voters complain that an office wasn't open or a security guard handed them the wrong form and the list went on and on. very minor as far as we are
8:45 am
concerned. but the plaintiffs didn't show that this law would in any way, shape or form disenfranchise voters. >> eric: those opponents, they may say they have major objections and even one person -- one who can't get the proper i.d. and could be denied the vote, that that is a violation of what this country stands for? >> no one will be denied the right to vote in pennsylvania. if you show up at a polling place under this law and you don't have your i.d., your acceptable photo-i.d., you can vote by provisional ballot and then show an acceptable i.d. for up to six days after the election to prove that you are who you say you were when you showed up at the polling place in the first place. no one will be turned away at the polls because they don't have photo-i.d. and we think that nearly every votener pennsylvania has an i.d., the process of issuing i.d.s has gone very well.
8:46 am
over 12,000 i.d.s have been issued so far, since march. the process is going very well. but if you don't have your photo-i. d. on election day, you will be able to vote by prigzal ballot. so no one will be disenfranchised. >> eric: you mentioned the 12,000 figure. the opponent says there are 759,000 people who could be impacted. that's their claim. have you 12,000? i mean, that's a small number compared to 759 thousand. what happen to the other hundreds of thousands of people? they won't vote? they don't care? they are fictional? how come they are not running to get the i.d.s? >> opponents of our voter i. d. law have estimated that there are 1 1/2 million people that don't have i.d.s or a million or 10% of the population. those numbers are shear fantasy. pennsylvania is experiencing the same thing that other states have experienced. that is that most people already have an i.dis. for voting
8:47 am
purposes. the fact that the numbers are so low and that we have only had 12,000 people who have gone to the doesn't of motor vehicle offices asking for i.d.s proves that fact. under the law, there is a menu of i.d.s, and pennsylvania is experiencing the same thing that other states have experience who had have passed the laws, such as georgia, indian atennessee, ken tucky and many others. because most people have i.d.s, they are not by the hundreds of thousands, running to motor vehicle offices, asking for i.d., this is consistent with what we have seen in other states. >> eric: you mention, the requirement, if you don't have an i.d., you can vote by provisional ballot and have 6 days to provide documentation. and judge simpson, who backed this, robert simpson, the commonwealth justice, he indcalletted that maybe he will scrapthat six-day requirement. so people would vote by provisional ballot f. they do
8:48 am
that and walk out the door, does that completely gut the law? >> not at all. in fact, what our attorneys have recommended to the judge, if he were to issue an injunction, we requested that it be a very limited injunction and he tailor it around the aspect of the law, dealing with provisional ballots am so if the judge were to feel, for example that, not everyone had enough time to get proper photo-i.d for this election, the first year that the law is being implemented that they be allowed to fill out a provisional ballot and sign an affirmation that they couldn't obtape an i.d. by election day on november 6. that way, we think it's than equitable remedy, so people who attest under law, they are not able to get an i.d. in time can vote by provisional ballot and sign that affirmation. what we are asking the judge, if he were to issue an injunction,
8:49 am
that it be just for this election and that is going forward. everyone will be required to show i.d. >> eric: everyone's waiting. judge simpson will give you a decision. i wonder if he works on sunday. we will be reporting when it comes. deputy secretary of state, thanks so much. he said he would issue this by october 2, which is tuesday. so it could come tomorrow. >> thank you. >> eric: of course, if you suspect voter fraud or election problems where you live, there's our address. we do read every single email we get. we are getting a lot of them. >> it's true. you do. i have seen it. a group of warriors hit the road for such a good cause, pedaling across america. we will be with them live, in the last leg of their amazing journ tow ground zero. why should our wallets tell us what our favorite color is?
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>> jamie: you all know when it comes to our troorngs i am mush. i love this story. it is so heart warming. an update we promised you last week. a group of war veterans embark on the final leg of their journey, they cycle all the way
8:54 am
across america to raise money for the children of their fallen comrades. we go to new jersey for the last leg of the trip. molly? >> reporter: hey, jamie. you are right. this is the culmination of an incredible journey, 18 veterans, their support staff, a combination of 18 cyclists who have made this path, all the way across the count tree raise money for the education of children who have lost their parents, due to to the war, faln soldiers, to give this money to their future. it's been an incredible journey. they left california, they left san diego, camp pendleton, on september 22. and today, they will finish the final leg in palisades park here to the 9/11 memorial at ground zero, that's 3200 miles in nine days, from sunny california, across the deserts and mountains in this great country, through utah, across the heart land,
8:55 am
hitting kansas and heading up to the northeast. there are several elite athletes in this crew, as you might expect, who have completed multiple ironman competitions, a wounded warrior who lost a leg in folosia. and several of them work on wall street. so in a way, they are coming home. this goes to the marine corps law enforcement and the travis mannion foundation, honoring a fallen marine lieutenant who died in iraq. for more on who all of these guys are and the journey they have made special how you can help, go to 9/ 9/ it is an hour to ground zero. and this small journey will end, for them. but in essence, they know the journey goes on for the children who have been left behind. that's their focus to raise the
8:56 am
money. they are asking people to go to the web site. jamie? >>. >> jamie: i love that we can keep helping by going there and helping the kids and the families. we can never forget their sacrifice for us. thank you for this story. we will see you at the final destination. >> thanks. >> jamie: we'll be right back. bob... oh, hey alex. just picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan, in case i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners.
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